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This is a much Anticipated tool that enables users of our site search, play and meet with new friends using our WhatsApp Photo Game Tool created for fun and meet ups using our knowledge power. We Use our knowledge based systems to create a perfect match up for visitors and users.

That’s the power of knowledge”. “Knowledge is Power”
Nsemeke And Eneche Meet Using Our Tool
And its Completely Free.
Ada got Connected Using This Tool And That Transformed Her Business!!!

“Like they say all work and no play make jack a dull boy”

How To Use

As a new user you should have questions on how to use this game tool in order to explore its potentials and meeting with the right girls.

1)Always play the game

2) Keep Cl!cking on the YES OR NO button below the girls photos until you get to the page where you win the game; i.e that’s the page where you can add your match.

3) There are rewards for people who plays the game or uses this tool frequently.

4) You can easily follow the menu button to start playing the game or cl!ck to start the game.

5) There are also other dating/fun meet ups games you can play because our database is unlimited.

6) Start by watching girls videos

Thank You For Your Time,

Have Fun


Some times most men especially those without a well seasoned family background are pushed so hard by life circumstances which may cause them to need a true friend,a helper,a counselor and adviser that will believe in their dreams and encourage them never to give up in life. Life as a young graduate in the labor market is not easy as well as we all know that life as a Nigerian is not easy and it seems things are getting worst. Most men who are caught in the wrong relationship with the wrong woman may be more frustrated especially if their girlfriends do not care about their visions, goals and pursuit but only about money.

Most girls may find it difficult to wait for a guy to secure a good job and then they abandon the guy in his life’s race, for another richer older man. Therefore the best time to get a true die-hard girlfriend or a woman with a wife character who will truely stand by you and love you for who you are,is when you are jobless and broke. As this is when you will really know if she really cares about you and love you.

Remember you can’t count on a lady who left her former boyfriend cause he was broke. A young lady who has abandoned his broke and jobless boyfriend to meet you and settle down with you will one day leave you when you are broke.

Moreover when a guy finally secured a very good job with a good pay,finding true love will be very difficult as most girls will come for the money while the guy will feel that all girls are the same-they all come for money and not love.

For a young graduate who is searching for a job in Nigeria disappointing labor market,true love plays a great role to help encourage you when you are heart broken and discourage. Most times you may feel very depressed that only the heart of a true love can help sooth your pains. its never to late to start finding one as true love still exist and it is obtainable by showing same to the opposite. Meet me Teams are here to help. Happy Searching!!!

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